Natura Holiday
In each gift, a world of affection

What would our life be if we were cut off from our senses? The answer seems obvious, it would be nothing...
And yet in our daily lives, we sometimes forget what it means to feel. So for this holiday season, we invite you to take a break from your busy days and take the time you need to feel life fully, in the pure and direct way of children.
Because when we feel things fully, we offer affection in return and make the world more beautiful.
Discover our selection of gifts and wellness boxes that connect you to your senses and offer affection to your loved ones but also to the Amazonian forest and its communities.

Natura Holiday
 In each gift, a world of affection
 “when you care, you create beauty”

Share gifts that match you 

You are involved in your daily life, so are we! We take concrete action to build a better, more inclusive, more respectful, more ecological and more beautiful world. You can be sure that by choosing Natura products or gift sets, you are also contributing to the protection of the Amazon region and its biodiversity, to fair trade with local communities, to the reduction of carbon emissions and waste, to the protection of animals, to more independence for the women of the world and to the education and inclusion of the youngest.


Celebrate your loved ones with tenderness 

Take a look at our selection of gift sets and you're sure to find some inspiring ideas for your family, friends and loved ones. Our products all contain plant ingredients from Amazonian biodiversity, are 100% vegan and animal cruelty free, and are committed to bringing you well-being, exoticism and sensoriality.

Discovery gift set
Take deep care of your hands with this duo composed of a liquid hand soap and a hand cream with fair trade Castanha oil from Amazonia.
This set, presented in an original gift box, contains:
- a Castanha liquid soap 250 ml
- a Castanha hand cream 40gr
Precious Gift Set
Regenerate your skin with Amazonian Tukumã butter, that's what we are offering you with this gift box.
In this box you will find
a 185 ml exfoliating shower gel,
a 200 gr body butter and
a 40 gr Tukumã hand cream to take care of your skin in the most beautiful way.
Precious Gift Set
This is the perfect box to enjoy the deliciously refreshing fragrance of Maracujá in all its forms!
This set contains
a 100 ml travel size shower gel,
a 75 ml Frescor Maracujá eau de toilette and
a 40 gr Maracujá hand cream.
relax gift set
Mamãe e Bebê
A perfect set for all young parents who want to soothe their little one before bedtime.
This set contains all the essentials to take care of baby:
2 solid soaps 100 gr,
a moisturising body lotion 200 ml and
a relaxing eau de toilette 100 ml.

Giftsets for all and for all occasions

At the end of this year, Natura offers you its selection of vegan, committed and fair trade gift sets. Find the ingredients of Brazilian biodiversity in our rich and sensory formulas that will bring you pleasure and well-being. Let's dream together of a better world.

the Ekos gift boxes
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For the end of the year, offer unique and committed fragrances

Natura is Brazil's leading perfume house, its unique, recognisable fragrances are the fruit of our great experience of over 50 years in the perfume industry, but also of our daily commitment to the biodiversity of the Amazon. The rare and exotic essences of native Amazonian species bring that touch of elegance and originality that you won't find anywhere else. Our recycled glass bottles and the use of 100% organic alcohol from sugar cane make Natura fragrances the most committed fragrances in the world.


The Amazon as a gift

If you are looking for committed, ethical and original end of year gifts this year, then we have everything you need. For the past 20 years, the Natura Ekos range has been honouring the magnificent biodiversity of the Amazon by including in its skincare products vegetable oils from the Amazon, harvested according to the principles of fair trade by local communities. Our eco-designed, recycled and recyclable packaging contributes to the global reduction of waste and to lowering our carbon footprint. It is all the sensoriality and exoticism of Brazil that you will find in our effective treatments, which bring you well-being. Come and discover them!

the Ekos selection with free gift bag

Our gifts for the little ones

With babies are born families, at Natura we believe that the bond between parents and children is paramount and that it can influence a whole life. Our care products for newborns have been developed with this in mind: to bring well-being, softness, comfort and pleasure shared between parents and child, while guaranteeing safe, soft and protective formulas for the sensitive skin of the youngest. So that this bond that begins at birth becomes the bond of a lifetime.


Taking care of men

All the men in our lives need to be taken care of. Father, brother, husband, friend or just someone we want to thank, we all know men to whom we can give a gift. Their skin and hair are entitled to the best care, enriched with ingredients from Brazil's biodiversity and effective active ingredients. Natura has created for them the Natura Homem range as well as a selection of fragrances with fresh, vegetal and masculine notes. Discover our selection of gifts for them.


Natura Advent offers

You know about Natura products and you would like to take advantage of incredible offers as the holidays approach or you are curious to discover new vegan and ethical products, then sign up quickly to discover our Advent offers that will surprise you during the whole month of December.