Every year at the end of November, the worldwide consumptions sales goes crazy, at record levels that are beaten year after year. But is it really necessary, are these goods really worth it and useful in our daily life? And above all what is the impact of this mass consumption period on the world climate and our planet?

This year at Natura, we want to give another purpose to the black Friday and turn it into a green Friday by making you discover some really useful reductions: we mean the reductions of waste and packagings and the reductions of carbon emissions on the worlds climate through our sustainable products.

Natura now uses in the packagings either 100% recycled plastic, that reduces the number of thrown PET bottles by 6 millions units every year, or in green plastic, made from sugar cane ethanol, that prevents 5 000 tons of carbon emissions yearly, the equivalent of skiping 876 trips around the world with a car.
Natura also fights against global warming by being 100% carbon neutral already since 2007.

Discover here all the reductions that really matter.