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Natura Brasil has been recognized for the 7th time as one of the "global companies for sustainable development" by the Corporate Knights company Global 100 ranking. This ranking lists the 100 most sustainable companies in the world, and this year Natura was again recognised as one of the 100 most sustainable companies for the 7th consecutive year. The best B company in the world, Natura is the only Brazilian cosmetics company to feature in this list. 

"Every day we are challenged to be an increasingly responsible company, which is why we are committed to achieving a positive societal and environmental impact by 2020", says Natura's Director of Sustainable Development, Marcelo Alonso.

The companies selected were evaluated based on various indicators related to energy, carbon emissions, water consumption, solid waste, innovation capacity, employees, safety at work, percentage of women in managerial roles, distribution of bonuses according to sustainable development indicators, among others.

For its 12th year, this ranking recognizes companies from various sectors around the world. "The Global 100 companies show ambitions and achievements in a wide range of indicators. They strive to make the world a better place, where employees feel good, consumers feel confident and shareholders invest for the long term", says Toby Heaps, CEO of Corporate Knights.


B Corps" or "Benefit Corporations" is a certification for companies that believe that results are not measured solely in terms of profits, but that want to create a real positive impact on society and the environment.

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Natura is a certified B Corporation for its commitment to sustainable development.

Natura, a leading brand in the Brazilian cosmetics market, has joined the ranks of this global movement of companies committed to promoting a more sustainable society. Natura is thus the first listed B Corp company in Latin America, and the largest worldwide in terms of turnover and number of employees.

Roberto Lima, then CEO of Natura: "Obtaining this major certification reinforces our conviction that, while the pursuit of profit is the basis of our activities, this quest should not be the sole purpose of our existence."

Natura also presented its new vision of sustainable development: the implementation of a circular economy, the promotion of responsible consumption, the empowerment of the value chain and the generation of social impact by encouraging the formation and use of new sustainable business models.


Natura is one of the winners of the United Nations (UN) Champion of the Earth 2015 Award, in the Corporate Vision category. According to Achim Steiner, Director General of UNEP: "Natura's business model is a perfect example of the compatibility between business sense and sustainable development. The company's work to have green supply chains, reduce its carbon footprint and support local communities not only demonstrates an admirable commitment to the environment, but also affirms that an inclusive green economy is possible.

Natura's success is an inspiration and an example for companies around the world.It shows that sustainable consumption and production models are not only possible but also beneficial, both for the company and the community", says Achim Steiner.

"Being one of the Champions of the Earth gives us even more incentive to increase our company's potential to generate a positive impacton society and the environment", says Roberto Lima, CEO of Natura.

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Founded and led by Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Megastore and Virgin Mobile, and Jochen Zeitz, CEO of the Puma sports brand, the B-Team aims to raise awareness of the "People-Planet-Profit" motto among companies and world leaders and to propose solutions to reconcile financial results with environmental responsibility. 

Represented by its co-founder Guilherme Leal, Natura Brasil, Brazilian leader in the cosmetics and perfumes market, joins the international movement known as the B-Team to improve the integration of social, environmental and economic aspects in the business environment.

Among the challenges of the B-Team are economic assessment of environmental and social impacts, defining incentives for the development of this changing society, and discussing the characteristics of an ideal global leadership.

Natura Brasil, a pioneer of sustainable development, will contribute its expertise and long-standing experience in the field of socio-biodiversity. Among other things, its actions to map environmental impacts reflect the synergy between Natura Brasil and the beliefs of this movement.

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B Lab is a non-profit organization representing a global movement of people who see trade as a positive force. It believes that one day all businesses will compete not only to be the best in the world, but also the best for the world, making the company a model of prosperity for all and for a long time to come.
In Brazil, this global B Company movement is led by the non-profit organization System B, which is also active in Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay. Currently 42 companies are certified in Brazil. System B acts as the articulation of an ecosystem that wants to influence various sectors of the economy: investment, universities, major buyers, opinion leaders, politicians and legislators, who come together to create and develop this new type of business.