• Natura B-Corporation certified

B Corps" or "Benefit Corporations" is a certification for companies that believe that results are not measured solely in terms of profits, but that want to create a real positive impact on society and the environment.
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Natura is a certified B Corporation for its commitment to sustainable development

The company invites its partners and experts to discuss ways to contribute positively to society and develop a new economy.
Recently Benefit Corporation certified, Natura, a leading brand in the Brazilian cosmetics market, has joined the ranks of this global movement of companies committed to promoting a more sustainable society. Natura is thus the first listed B Corp company in Latin America, and the largest worldwide in terms of turnover and number of employees.

To celebrate this success, Natura invited members of the community to discuss the development of the business model for the advent of a new economy; in so doing, it is strengthening its commitment to sustainable development, taking on the challenge of making a positive contribution to society and conserving the environment. Entitled "Think Positive Impact", the event, which took place on 9 December 2014 in São Paulo, brought together sustainable development experts, professionals and academics and NGO representatives to reflect together on promoting a new vision for professional practices. Speakers at the event included Andrew Morlet, CEO of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, an organisation dedicated to building a positive future through re-thinking and re-framing ("a circular economy"), and Jay Coen Gilbert, founder of B Lab (United States), an American NGO responsible for B Corp certification.

"Beyond making a contribution to society by adopting sustainable practices, we want to promote this growing movement in order to raise awareness and develop solutions for a more balanced and fairer future from an economic, social and environmental point of view," said Roberto Lima, CEO of Natura."Obtaining this major certification reinforces our conviction that, while the pursuit of profit is the basis of our activities, this quest should not be the sole purpose of our existence."
During the event, Natura also presented its new vision of sustainable development; in addition to its ambitions and commitments for 2020, it outlined the principles that will guide its activities until 2050.

The development of its new operating model is based on the following principles in particular: the implementation of a circular economy, the promotion of responsible consumption, the empowerment of the value chain and the generation of social impact by encouraging the formation and use of new sustainable business models. 
"Society will place greater value on companies acting as agents of social and environmental change. We want to expand our company's potential to grow our business while supporting cultural and educational transformation", said João Paulo Ferreira, Vice President of Sales and Sustainable Development at Natura.