Our carbon neutral certification was awarded in 2007.
To obtain it, we carried out a complete analysis of all CO2 emissions linked to our activities as well as those of our suppliers (extraction of raw materials, transportation, optimisation of our vehicle fleet, product manufacture and packaging, as well as their recyclability after use).
We then implemented a dedicated programme which, over 5 years, has reduced our CO2 emissions by 33%.
To compensate for gas emissions, which we were unable to eliminate, we invested in projects designed to "capture" carbon.
We support reforestation programmes in Brazil, as well as research and development of renewable energy.
At all levels of the "Carbon Neutral Programme", independent experts monitor and validate Natura Brasil's investments, projects and results.


There are currently an estimated 780 million or more people worldwide who do not have access to drinking water, leading to serious sanitation problems.
The assessment and management of our water footprint has, therefore - just like our carbon footprint - become a major factor in our environmental policy.
We are one of the only cosmetics companies to have implemented this policy since 2010, and we have already started to reduce our consumption.
In 2013, we tested four methodologies designed to diagnose our water consumption as well as the impact of our consumption on local resources, in order to implement tailored solutions.
*Source: Progress on Drinking Water and Sanitation 2012, WHO and UNICEF.


We prioritise the use of sustainable materials (recycled and recyclable) when manufacturing our product packaging.
The environmental impact is analysed from production to destruction, in accordance with standards established by UNEP*.
For example, Natura Brasil uses 50% recycled PET to make the vials for its EKOS range, which have a slightly smoky transparency and are 100% recyclable.
We also use 100% eco-friendly bioplastic** made from sugar cane for our conditioner refills and bottles.
We now use fewer cartons (only keeping them where absolutely necessary), and those we do use are now made from 40% recycled cardboard and are 100% recyclable.
Similarly, refills are available for some of our ranges, helping to reduce the amount of packaging we use.
These refills have just half the environmental impact of a classic product and are on average 20% cheaper, in order to promote their use.
* UNEP: United Nations Environment Program
** ''I'm vert'' technology developed by Brazilian company Braskem.
0% PARABENS in our products
As well as discontinuing the use of animal products in our formulas, you won't find any parabens in our products.
The choice of organic alcohol.
Since 2007, we have used 100% organic alcohol (ECOCERT labelled) in our products.
This organic alcohol is extracted from a variety of sugar cane, selected for its resistance to parasites.
This produces an exceptional crop, grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilisers, with respect for people (through the mechanisation
of strenuous jobs) and their living conditions (through a strict respect for the environment).
Carbon emissions are also reduced by 20%.
Palm oil obtained through sustainable farming.
We have replaced ingredients of animal or synthetic origin with ingredients of plant origin.
The palm oil we use is extracted by Agropalma in the state of Pará.
On a site covering 107 hectares, only 35% is set aside for palms.
The remaining 65% makes up a forest reserve which helps to preserve the local ecosystem.
During its life cycle this palm oil releases only 25% of the CO2 of a petrochemical oil.