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Natura Brasil develops and sells face, body and hair care products with special emphasis on the impact of its activity on the planet. The sustainable extraction of ingredients from Brazilian biodiversity, making products that are plant based, or reducing the environmental impact of packaging, are examples of initiatives aimed at becoming increasingly environmentally friendly. But our approach does not stop there: we are also interested in issues relating to the sustainable use of energy and water.



We monitor water consumption at all stages of our production chain as well as that of our suppliers. Waste water treatment has always been a priority in our operations and with the opening of our plant in Cajamar (SP) in 2000, we have gradually implemented innovative technologies in waste water treatment.

In 2013, we tested four methods aimed at analysing our water consumption, but also the impact of our consumption and its eco-toxicity on local resources, in order to implement appropriate solutions.

In our Ecoparc, located in Benevides (PA) we have set up filter gardens, and we don't use chemicals to treat our waste water. Instead, we use plants whose roots contain bacteria that break down pollutants, helping to improve water quality.