ESA ChildrenWe think that life is a chain of relationships. Nothing in the universe exists alone. All the elements are interdependent. The improvement of relations between men is the basis of a human revolution favorable to peace, solidarity and life in all its forms.
This quest for excellence, for the sake of truth, can only be profitable for the whole of society, whose diversity will be the guarantee of its richness and vitality. The search for beauty, the authentic aspiration of every human being, must be liberated from preconceived ideas and other dictates of the markets.
The business, living organism, is a dynamic whole based on the relationship. Only its ability to move the world will ensure its durability and value.


Développement durable
 Our company is guided by innovation and a constant desire to optimize our services and our management method. Creativity and excellence are our guides to overcome the challenges of sustainable development. It is this commitment to innovation and sustainable development that has allowed us to be among the first to use the brazilian biodiversity in an ethical way, combining traditional knowledge with scientific research.


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The selection of biodiversity ingredients for the formulation of our products is more than just a marketing choice. It is the desire to exercise our activity differently. The discovery of ingredients derived from biodiversity, or their new use, is the result of in-depth research both in the scientific literature and in local practices.    
 In our laboratories, we are transforming these ingredients into new formulas and new products. Since 2006, no tests of assets or new formulas are performed on animals. In addition, we do not buy active ingredients tested on animals. The safety of our consumers is also downstream thanks to the Cosmetic Vigilance System. In this security process, we work with a network of key partners in our business, including communities, non-governmental organizations, universities, businesses and governments


Image titleReducing the environmental impact, both in the formulation and packaging of our products, has been part of our history since our beginning. In 1983, we were among the first to offer "refills" for our cosmetics, whose average weight is 54% lower than that of ordinary packaging. As a result of this decision, we are putting much less packaging on the market, and through our advice, consumers are becoming aware of our planet resources. One of our main vectors of innovation is the sustainable use of biodiversity. A creative and developmental approach, through the use of native and exotic species, ecological models of plant cultivation, a certification program of raw materials, and our partnerships with local suppliers.


Création valeur
We seek to create and share value by generating economic, social and environmental results. This is a conviction for us: companies that integrate the challenges of their times and help people become happier will make a difference in the future. Hence the importance of the network / relationship concept, which inspires and guides our work. Only quality relationships will ensure lasting results, hence the transparency and ease of relationships with all our partners and stakeholders.


Consommation responsable
In order to draw the attention of our consumers to the importance of the environment in purchasing decisions, in 2007 we created the environmental table, which presents information on the environmental impact of each product. Thanks to this chart, we hope to raise awareness among the markets in which we operate. Inspired by the nutritional table of food products, this table provides, among other things, the percentage of vegetables, the certification of origin of raw materials used, the possibility of recycling or not the packaging. A consumer choosing a Natura Brasil product, initiates the virtuous circle of responsible consumption.


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Natura is convinced that education is one of the determining factors in the positive evolution of societies. The Crer Para Ver range was created in Brazil in 1995 to support associations and projects working in this field. Each of our subsidiaries supports projects related to its country issues. The funds in this program come from the full proceeds of the sale of Crer Para Ver products. In 2014, the profits collected by Brazil and all Natura operations amounted to R $ 25.6 million (or € 8 million).


Carbone neutre
Global warming requires an urgent change of our consumption and production patterns. We decided to offset our greenhouse gas emissions in all stages of production, from the extraction of raw materials to the disposal of our products. The use of organic alcohol in our formulas, the encouragement of maritime shipping, the optimization of packaging and the development of the use of recycled materials, are examples of measures adopted to promote this reduction.