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PripriocaWhat kind of relationship does Natura have with the community? 

In addition to Natura's business relationships with communities, there are other aspects such as :

Establishing a fair business relationship

which takes the form of deciding prices together, formalising agreements and contracts, supporting production chain development (logistics, administrative management and quality of raw materials).

Building quality relationships

we strive to engage in an open and transparent dialogue, to discuss the risks and potential impacts of Natura projects, to plan demands for ingredients so that they can be met without generating any impact. Tools for monitoring the quality of relationships are being tested in order to continuously improve this aspect.


Image titleValuing other cultures and lifestyles

we incorporate traditional knowledge and cultural heritage into our products. We share the benefits with the communities that inspire us and we support initiatives that value and conserve these heritages. When we use images in internal campaigns and advertising, we always draw up contracts for the use of the individual or collective image.


Image titleEncouraging environmental conservation

we always ensure that planting or extracting biodiversity assets is done in a sustainable manner over time, and that it does not destroy the environment or eco-systems of which they are a part. This is why we develop and support studies on production potential or management plans for each area we work in. In some cases, we try to obtain independent certification of organic production processes, even if we don't want to certify our cosmetic products. We train and encourage communities to adopt sustainable production, processing and marketing practices. We share the benefits with the communities that provide us with samples of Brazilian indigenous materials for our research and product development; these funds help these groups to practice environmental conservation.


Image title

Contributing to local development

in addition to our efforts and support in structuring the production chains for the communities we work with, promoting the cultural heritage associated with our products and protecting the environment when extracting and processing the raw materials derived from the biodiversity, we contribute to the sustainable local development of the communities with which we work, and our efforts focus on areas such as social and institutional organisation, training and the regeneration of responsibilities, the inclusion of young people in local social processes, the development of cross-sectoral partnerships, the improvement of infrastructure and specific human skills related to social development and culture, among others.

Brazilian craftsmanship, discovering Brazil differently

Craftsmanship, culture at your fingertips

Natura Brasil, a specialist in Brazilian cosmetic products, is also committed to helping the world discover the cultural riches of Brazil and the Amazon. For behind the craftsmanship lies the work of Brazil's rural communities, the very people who harvest the plant based ingredients in Natura Brasil products, the very people who hold the keys to the forest and protect it day after day. In addition to working with more than 32 traditional extracting communities that produce and harvest the natural ingredients in its products, Natura Brasil uses small artisans from the Amazon or Brazilian artists to produce and make non-cosmetic products made from renewable materials. From bracelets and jewellery made of Açaí pearls, to decorative objects, Natura Brasil carefully selects its partners to ensure that they too have the same philosophy and the same commitment in their work.

Objects that harness the power of the forest
Our partners believe in the power of the forest to heal and protect its inhabitants and also to generate income for local people. Their mission: to connect the rest of the world with the history and life of the Amazon, its values and its ancestral knowledge while conserving the forest.
The objective of these local artisans is to connect the traditional communities of the Amazon with the rest of the world, to generate income for the inhabitants while respecting sustainable management, harvest cycles, reforestation, waste recycling, etc. They are also committed to respecting fair trade practices with the local Brazilian communities.
Authenticity, originality, alegria, these are all inseparable elements of Brazilian culture and this is what Natura Brasil wants to convey to you through Brazilian craftsmanship!

From crafts to art: live the experience

Fancy immersing yourself in an authentic setting, like a little piece of Brazil in France? We can offer you this experience in Natura Brasil stores. Their decor is inspired by traditional Brazilian markets like Belèm in the Amazon, where warm wood blends with contemporary concrete and metal.
In our Natura Brasil des 4 Temps and Vélizy 2 stores you will find a magnificent lamp created by Eliza, a Brazilian artist from the Minas Gerais region (near the city of Belo Horizonte).
Using her artistic vision she manages to create value where others see nothing but waste to be disposed of. She salvages wood that is over 100 years old from old coffee farms in her region and assembles all the materials by hand, combining wood with metal.
The symbolism of metal pierced with holes to let light through reflects the interconnections between humans and the world around us, a theme dear to the founder of Natura Brasil, Luiz Seabra, expressed here in a poetic and sustainable way.
Visit our stores to discover other Brazilian traditions...