Amazonia Programme

Natura Brasil invests in the Amazônia Programme. The Amazônia programme, a channel for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Science, aims to create a set of sustainable businesses with clear values and commitments such as the development of socio-diversity, knowledge of local traditions and appreciation of regional culture.

Natura Brasil is involved in this programme to offer sustainable solutions for the Amazon region while preserving the forest and its inhabitants. Between 2012 and 2020, Natura Brasil will invest €440 million to implement this project. It has multiple objectives:

* developing a centre of expertise in the Amazon to highlight Brazilian socio-biodiversity and traditional knowledge

* developing sustainable economic opportunities for the region

* creating an industrial "écoparc"in Belém do Pará in the Amazon

* developing a network of over 1,000 researchers around the world to promote Brazilian socio-biodiversity through Natura Brasil's work in Manaus.

* increasing the number of agro-extractive families from 3,600 to 12,000

* Increasing the ingredients from agro-extractive familiesfrom 10% to 30% in Natura Brasil products.



The ambition of the EcoParc Programme is to enable a group of companies to work together to build new independent business platforms in the region:

- Activating an entrepreneurial spirit

- Establishing a true network of "symbiotic" relationships

- Generating social development and creating wealth for a particular geographic region

- Strengthening Natura Brasil's presence in the Amazon in line with its business strategy.


Crer para Ver

Social commitment: Crer Para Ver. In Brazil, this project has given more than 2.6 million young people and adults the opportunity to learn to read and write since 1995, In France, Natura Brasil is a partner of the ESA (Association Entraide Scolaire Amicale): products with the Crer Para Ver label are sold for the benefit of this association dedicated to educational support for children experiencing difficulties.


Natura MusicalAt Natura Brasil, music is an expression bem estar bem (well being well). It has the gift of bringing people together and including individual people. It harmonises relationships, inspires new mindsets and transports people to other lands and other cultures. Music awakens and enriches our senses. It touches us deeply and makes us feel alive. It is for all these reasons that in 2015 Natura Brasil launched the Natura Brasil Musicalau Brazil programme, which aims to identify, develop and implement initiatives that make music a vehicle for bem estar bem. Over 130 projects and 500,000 people throughout Brazil have already benefited from the help of Natura Brasil Musical in the last 5 years.


Natura CampusCreated in 2006, Natura Brasil Campus is a Networking Programme with a Community of Scientists, and Experts in Technology and Innovation. It is the embodiment of our Innovation Networks with this community working to promote learning and the construction of value chains between a company and Science and Technology institutions which share common scientific activities. We believe that this constant sharing makes it easier to identify mutually beneficial opportunities and form value chains for all partner networks. There are many forms of interaction with the scientific community.