Today, in the world, 500,000 students benefit each year from Natura Brasil commitment to their education with equipment, help for teachers and even support for students in difficulty.
In France, Natura Brasil has been supporting the ESA association (Entraide Scolaire Amicale) since 2013, which offers help to children with learning difficulties. The action of the ESA, recognized as of public utility, makes it possible to fight against the school failures.


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In Brazil, Natura Brasil has over the years created the "movimento". This is a community of friends of Natura Brasil who believe the future of mankind depends on its capacity for solidarity. Natura Brasil is therefore now heavily involved in the field of education, and has given more than 2.6 million young people and adults the opportunity to learn to read and write.
In France, Natura Brasil has chosen to develop a partnership with the United Way organisation and one of its associations, Entraide Scolaire Amicale (ESA). This body assists children with learning difficulties and helps them to succeed.
Like Natura Brasil, this association was founded in 1969 and, having been recognised as a public service by the Ministry of the Interior, is run entirely by volunteers.