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Since its creation, sustainable development has been at the heart of Natura's efforts. Forest conservation, waste reduction, climate protection, etc. Natura is committed to the planet every single day. But that's not all we're committed to. Discover all our commitments.

Conserving the forest

For over 20 years, Natura has been trading ethically with communities in Brazil and particularly in the Amazon.

By buying Natura products, you are helping to improve the income of 2,000 families in these Brazilian farming communities, a total of almost 8,500 people.

And it is also thanks to Natura products and the work of these communities that 1.8 million hectares of forest have been conserved, for sustainable resource use and a better future for generations to come.

Protecting the climate

By choosing Natura and its 100% carbon neutral products, you are helping to combat global warming.

In fact Natura, a pioneer in sustainable development, has been 100% carbon neutral since 2007. All carbon emissions related to the manufacture, transport and storage of our products in all countries where Natura operates are rigorously monitored. They are carefully controlled to be as limited as possible each year and are systematically offset through reforestation initiatives, species preservation and environmental projects.

We prefer sea or river transportation, which is less carbon intensive and in France we work with Colissimo, a delivery method that is itself carbon neutral.

Reducing waste

At Natura, a product must be designed as a whole: packaging is often overlooked in ecological advances, but is also part of Natura's commitment to sustainable development.

The bottles and jars in our Natura Ekos range are made of 100% recycled PET and our refills are made of green plastic. This means that their manufacture requires far fewer resources and energy.

Green plastic is made from sugar cane instead of from petrochemicals and is increasingly used in our packaging. This plant-based plastic is completely recyclable, has a positive carbon balance and is not derived from petrochemicals.

Lastly, for many years now,Natura has sold refills for jars of face moisturising products, which, in addition to being cheaper for our customers, also generates less unnecessary waste.

Practicing Fair Trade

Natura believes it is essential to choose good ingredients, harvested sustainably, without burning or deforestation, and also to respect the local Amazonian populations who provide us with these ingredients, to allow them to develop economically, to be able to remain on the land that has been home to them for centuries, and to continue to protect them.

These communities that are partners of Natura bring us not only the ingredients they harvest in the heart of the Amazon, but also their ancestral knowledge, traditions and customs. This allows such traditions to be continued and ensures the future of these communities, which are essential to the preservation of the Amazon.

Natura has applied these fair trade principles from the very beginning of our partnerships in the Amazon, and this long-term ethical approach has enabled us to obtain UEBT Sourcing with respect certification for all the ingredients in the Natura Ekos range, for sustainable sourcing.

Against animal testing

At Natura, we firmly believe that beauty products should not be a cause for animal cruelty. We are proud to be Leaping Bunny certified, a worldwide programme with animal cruelty-free standards that are stricter than legal requirements.

All of our cosmetics are approved under Leaping Bunny's internationally recognized Cruelty-Free programme, which is considered the gold standard in the cosmetics industry for products designed without animal cruelty.

We adhere to a fixed deadline policy and proactively monitor our suppliers to ensure that our products continue to meet Leaping Bunny criteria. Our supplier monitoring system is also independently audited.

For more information about Cruelty Free International, Leaping Bunny and its standards, please visit the Cruelty Free International website.

Day-to-day commitment

Natura is committed every day, in the decisions we make, in the projects we develop or simply in the relationships we build. It is this everyday commitment that makes Natura one of the largest B Corp certified companies in the world in terms of size, one of hundreds of other companies around the world that strive to benefit society and the planet, that demonstrate strong ethics and social and environmental responsibility while being economically sustainable. We are proud of this certification, which encourages us to improve on a daily basis and holds us accountable to society.

It is this same mindset that prompted us to make a personal commitment to the NQT organisation, Nos Quartiers ont des Talents (Our neighbourhoods have talent), and today two-thirds of our head office employees volunteer their time to help young graduates from disadvantaged neighbourhoods looking for work, and provide them with regular support.

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