Since more than 20 years, Natura has been working in fair trade with communities of Brazil and particularly in the Amazon region.

By choosing Natura products, you contribute to grow the revenues of more than 2000 families of local small Brazilian farmers, with in total around 8500 people.

And through this fair trade and the daily work of these local communities, we manage to preserve 18 000 square kilometers of Brazilian Amazonian forest, and keep it standing for future generations.

Natura also acts day after day, year after year to allow the Amazon region and its inhabitants to develop economically and socially over the long term. Thanks to the Amazonia Viva program, created in 2011, nearly 300 million euros in investments have been made in this region, to prevent deforestation and support the local communities that have lived in this forest for centuries.

Today more than ever, Natura is aware that nature and people are deeply connected, and that our role as a company operating in the Amazon region is to protect this forest, which is an essential asset for all humanity. This is why we participated in September 2019 in the United Nations General Assembly in New York on climate change, to present our actions in the Amazon region and show that it is possible to combine economic development and respect and protection of the forest and its people.

We continue, every day, to make a commitment to preserve the Amazonian forest and to act for the long term protection of this region of the world that is so important.

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