The role of product packaging is huge in terms of waste generation. At Natura we are constantly improving the packaging to have more eco-conception and lower to the maximum their waste generation.

The bottles and jars in our Natura Ekos range are made of 100% recycled PET and our refills are made of green plastic. This means that their manufacture requires far fewer resources and energy.

For the green plastic, it comes from sugar cane, and is a “carbon catcher” instead of a “carbon creator”, this green plastic has therefore a positive carbon balance and is fully recyclable.

We also value, since many years already, the use of refills for our skin care products. Those refills are of course generating less waste than regular products, but also are more economical and cheaper to buy for our customers.


Natura Brasil offers cosmetic care products made with ingredients from the Brazilian biodiversity. Exclusive products, inspired by the traditions of local populations, who are also genuine sensory experiences through exotic flavors and unique textures. With Natura Brasil, take care of yourself, while also being good to others and to the planet.


To reduce the environmental impact of our products, both in the formulation and the packaging, is one of our top priorities. Pioneers in the offer of refills, we also have been using recycled plastic (PET) - up to 50% in our packagings - since 2007, and we have also gradually replaced polyethylene with green plastic (made from sugar cane) since 2010.
Our extra cases are kept only when absolutely necessary, are made of fibers from recycled cardboard and are 40% recyclable.


New SOFT BODY CREAMS Natura EKOS are now available in 200 ml, with a lighter packaging impact that generates less waste for the planet. Their shape, an easy to carry tube, has a resealable measuring cap that will dispense just the right dose of cream, for an optimal and respectful use for you as well as the environment.
Their packaging is made from 100% green plastic made from sugar cane, which explains their velvety and slightly opaque appearance.