5 tips to keep your skin hydrated and radiant


Our secrets for a radiant complexion all year round: enhance your skin care routine and develop good habits by using the right products.

There's nothing better than looking in the mirror and seeing you're in harmony with yourself, is there? You have to take care of your skin on a daily basis, through good eating habits, physical exercise and, of course, good hydration and nutrition. Here are some tips...

Preparing your skin

The hectic pace of our daily lives constantly exposes our skin to pollution-related aggressions, making it drier and more fragile. This is why it is essential to cleanse it before moisturising. Ekos Castanha exfoliating butter is the ideal product for this process, it eliminates impurities deep down thanks to the exfoliating particles of cane sugar contained in its formula. Then use a cleanser like Ekos Castanha shower cream, which also has that wonderful aroma of Castanha: it combats dry skin and removes dead cells. These two products are perfect to prepare your skin for hydration and help it regenerate.

Moisturising routines

Well nourished and radiant skin needs nurturing and this can only be achieved through daily skin care. This includes both drinking two to three litres of water per day and implementing a daily hydration routine. We suggest you use a moisturising body lotion from the Ekos line that leaves skin radiant, moisturised and soft. Not to mention its silky texture and delicious fragrance.

Take care with sun protection

Sun protection is essential, even on overcast days or indoors. Contrary to popular belief, this product should be applied to the entire body, not just the face. This prevents the skin from becoming dry and dull. For radiant complexion full of vitality, Ekos Buriti sun protection oil will be your greatest asset in your beauty routine. It protects the skin, allows a light and natural tan and its soft texture suits all skin types.

Healthy, glowing skin

As we have already seen, it takes time to achieve firm, radiant skin, but it's perfectly possible. A balanced diet and good quality sleep contribute enormously to achieving this goal. There are also products that maximise this effect, like Ekos Castanha hydrating body lotion. Its silky smooth texture and exquisite, mouth-watering fragrance make it the perfect choice for beautiful skin.

Long live legs!

With summer on the way, women are often reluctant to wear skirts, shorts or dresses because of unsightly little blemishes that are difficult to hide. This doesn't have to mean that your legs are trapped in trousers all summer long. Your legs deserve to enjoy the warm weather and thanks to Ekos Castanha sublimating dry oil, with its slightly glossy satiny feel but dry finish, your legs will be instantly transformed and no-one will know how!

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