5 tips to take care of dry skin in winter


When temperatures drop, moisturisers provide the protection you needed to protect your skin and leave it soft and fragrant.

In winter, your skin needs more care. It is actually more sensitive in winter, which is why it's a good idea to use products that improve the quality and vitality of the skin's natural barrier. Are you looking for simple and effective solutions to counter dry skin in teh winter months?

1. Avoid using sponges and exfoliating gloves for a while.

You probably turn up the temperature in your shower when it gets colder, don't you? The problem is that hot water is harsher on the skin and makes it look drier. That's also why it's best to put your sponge away at this time of the year. Their rough texture exfoliates and removes the cells that help the natural protection of your epidermis, which can make things worse.

2. Use plant based soaps

To rehydrate your skin in winter, choose soaps with a creamy texture, like  Ekos Ucuuba creamy solid soap. It gently cleanses your skin, leaving it silky smooth and preventing it from drying out.

3. Use a moisturising lotion after showering

Warm water opens the pores of your skin, allowing care products to regenerate it and penetrate deep into the different layers of the epidermis. Slightly damp skin also encourages absorption.

4. Drink plenty of water

Drinking enough water is also a must to keep your skin strong and healthy in winter. Believe us: the amount of water you drink a direct influence on the health and radiance of your complexion.

5. Try plant based butters

These rich ingredients are known for their ultra-hydrating and nourishing properties. In Brazil, Natura Brasil's partner communities produce many sustainable plant based butters. These ingredients are ideal for healthy, silky skin. By increasing the elasticity and resilience of your epidermis, these butters help to prevent premature skin ageing. Where can I find them? Particularly in Ekos Ucuuba moisturising body butter, which is extremely rich on the skin, has no greasy feel and provides up to 48 hours of hydration.

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