9 myths and realities about skin hydration


Is it true that oily skin does not need to be moisturised? Can we use the same products for face and body?

When it comes to skin hydration, there's some advice we've all heard before. But is it right? Here are some clarifications of nine myths and realities about moisturising your skin.

1. It's important to sleep well to have good skin

✔ TRUE When you're asleep, skin cells regenerate and their pH is rebalanced. Ideally you should respect the minimum amount of sleep your body needs to rest (usually eight hours a night). This helps to keep your skin hydrated and avoid dark circles.

2. Oily skin does not need to be moisturised.

✖ FALSE All skin types require specific care. For oily skin, you should choose oil-free products, such as Chronos mattifying day time face cream for combination to oily skin. It is dry to the touch and quickly absorbed, it also contains mattifying particles that help control shine and absorb excess sebum. It also provides SPF 30 sun protection.

3. In winter, hydration should be more intense

✔ TRUE Wind and central heating help to dry out your skin. To keep your skin hydrated, you should up your level of care in the winter. Opt for moisturising treatments rich in oils, such as Castanha body fleur de crème. Rich in omega-6 and 9, it nourishes the skin for 30 hours and stimulates the production of structuring proteins in the deepest layers of the epidermis.

4. Hot showers are bad for the skin

✔ TRUE Hot water tends to damage the skin's natural protection. Skin on the face actually reacts by producing more sebum to protect itself from drying out. As a result, the skin in this area becomes more oily.

5. Healthy eating contributes to skin hydration

✔ TRUE The better you eat, the more beautiful your skin is. Eating too much fatty or fried foods, for example, can increase sebum production and thus cause pimples.

6. Make-up sits better on well-moisturised skin

✔ TRUE Healthy skin is hydrated skin. Balanced hydration results in balanced skin, which in turn makes the skin more able to withstand, for example, the application of other, more irritating cosmetics. If you wear make-up all day long, we recommend applying Chronos moisturising night cream in the evening, a light-textured facial moisturiser with detoxifying properties that will allow your skin to regenerate while you sleep.

7. Your face needs the same moisturiser as the rest of your body

✖ FALSE The skin on your face is always oilier than the rest of the body. The body needs more powerful moisturising treatments, such as body balms and butters, as the skin on the body is thicker and drier than that on the face. The fact is that the skin on your face has more sebaceous glands, so it is oilier and more hydrated. The Chronos range has been specially designed to moisturise the face without leaving it feeling greasy.

8. The best time to apply a moisturiser to your body is after showering.

✔ TRUE As showering dehydrates the skin, it is very important to apply a good moisturiser immediately to compensate. Use Natura Ekos moisturising body fleur de crème or moisturising butter when you get out of the shower to give your skin a soft and silky texture and restore the moisture it needs.

9. You should take care of your neck and hands

✔ TRUE These areas can also be very dry and suffer from sun exposure. That's why it's important to apply sunscreen (the same as the one you use on your face) and a moisturising cream every day. Tip: Always leave a moisturising hand cream in your bag so you can rehydrate your hands and cuticles any time of day. The Castanha hand cream has a high concentration of essential fatty acids, it hydrates and soothes the skin while reducing the impact of external aggressions.

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