For moisturised and delicately scented skin


Choose a cleanser and a moisturiser from the same range and with the same fragrance for an effective, pleasant result.

Do you want to moisturise your skin and fragrance yourself without worrying about whether the scents of your different skincare products are compatible? Choose a range that includes a cleanser and moisturiser with the same fragrance.

For everyday use, we advise you to opt for fragrances that are strong but not overpowering, such as the Ekos Castanha range, which has delicious, warm notes.

In addition to their delicious fragrance, these products have an ultra-creamy texture, ideal for dry to very dry skin, based on nourishing oils from Brazil.

For the shower

With the Ekos range, your body is hydrated and fragranced from the moment you step in the shower. You have two options: Solid soaps or shower gels.

Immediately after showering, take advantage of the fact that your skin is still wet to apply a moisturiser or body butter to maximize the benefits of this product. It moisturises and strengthens the skin barrier, so your body is better protected from external factors such as pollution and UV rays.

Liquid or solid soap: discover the formula that best suits each part of your body

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