How to have radiant skin all year round?


By using the right products, your face and body can be as radiant and glowing as if it were summer all year round!

Just because you've not been to the beach lately doesn't mean your skin has to suffer the consequences. Some products not only care for your body by nourishing and moisturising it, they also help to keep your skin looking tanned and radiant. The secret for your face is to use a few make-up tricks that highlight strategic points and give your complexion a naturally fresh and radiant look. For your body, brightening moisturisers will restore its feel good glow. Here are our tips:


If you want beautiful skin to match the beautiful summer days, your best option is Ekos Castanha sublimating dry oil. As its name suggests, this oil has the delicious aroma of Castanha and instantly creates a moisturising, silky layer on the skin, leaving it delicately scented. It's the best way to show off your bare skin in summer.

Moisturisers that not only help to care for your skin, but also give it a little glow are great options. Take Ekos Buriti moisturising body lotion for example. Suitable for all skin types, this product from the Ekos range contains nourishing and antioxidant Buriti oils. Its light texture is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin soft, silky and delicately scented.


A skin brightener is an essential in your make-up bag to add radiance and brightness to your skin. It should be applied after you've finished your make-up, and only on certain key areas: for the temples, apply by drawing a "C" around your eyes; on the nose, a tiny dab is enough; and for your Cupid's bow, the curve just above your lips, apply just a hint of the product. There you go! Natural radiant in a few simple steps.

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