Caring for your skin in all phases of life


To avoid or reduce the effects of time on your skin, it is essential to adapt your skin care routine to your age.

The skin on your face, like other parts of the body, shows different signs that mark the passage of time and vary according to your age. Knowing how to identify these changes and adapting your routine to each of these phases is fundamental to fighting the signs of ageing.

From 20 years old

Your skin needs preventive care before the first signs appear, such as wrinkles or sagging skin. This is why skin care must start at an early age with cleansing, moisturising and sun protection.

To do this, choose products that provide specific benefits tailored to your skin type, which could be normal, dry, combination or oily. This will make your beauty routine more pleasant and effective. Use a make-up remover, soap, toner, exfoliator, moisturiser and sunscreen suited to your skin type.

From 30 years old

At this age, you will notice the first signs of fatigue and the first wrinkles and expression lines. The ideal product is one that regenerates the skin and gives it back its energy. This is the purpose of anti-ageing creams or creams that fight the signs of ageing, as we often call them.

Try applying Chronos 30+ anti-ageing day cream in the morning and Chronos 30+ anti-ageing night cream in the evening.

Their formula contains extracts of Jambu, an active substance derived from Brazilian biodiversity that relaxes the micro-tensions of collagen and elastin fibres (responsible for wrinkles and expression lines), and polyphenols, ingredients recognised in dermatological cosmetics as having a strong antioxidant power, which prevents the loss of cellular energy and helps to promote the regeneration of the epidermis.

From 45 years old

At this stage of your life, your skin's loss of firmness and elasticity intensifies and the epidermis tends to become drier and duller. This is why we advise using products like Chronos 45+ anti-ageing day cream and Chronos 45+ anti-ageing night cream. Their formula is rich in extracts of Jatobá, this plant boosts natural production of collagen (it multiplies its production by 4 and preserves the collagen already present), and amino acids that protect elastin fibres and inhibit micro-damage that encourages the appearance of wrinkles.

From 60 years old

During this phase, wrinkles become more visible and the volume and suppleness of the skin decrease. The ideal product will give back volume and vitality to your face. At this stage, Chronos 60+ day cream and 60+ Chronos night cream are the most suitable products. They contain extracts of Casearia, a natural skin plumping agent that intensifies the production of hyaluronic acid by almost 25%, and oligosaccharides that fortify the tissues that support the skin.

From 70 years old

In this age group, the skin is thinner and more fragile. The ideal skin care products are therefore those that regenerate and strengthen the skin's defence system. You should use Chronos 70+ day cream and Chronos 70+ night cream. They contain passiflora extracts, which help restore natural moisture and protect the epidermis, and biosaccharides that regulate cell functionality and increase skin thickness.

For all ages

The day products also contain SPF 30 and UVA-PF 10 sun protection, as daily protection from UVB and UVA rays is essential for healthy, beautiful skin. And remember to follow your daily skincare routine: cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturising with an anti-ageing product and sun protection.

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