Facial toner: discover the right one for you


This cosmetic product completes your facial cleansing, but the product category you choose should depend on your skin type.

Cleansing your face daily is essential to keep it looking healthy. But for this to be effective, it is not enough to just use a soap suited to your skin type. There is a product that help you get the best possible result: toner.

In the Natura Chronos range, for example, you will find two types of products: the Hydrating detox toner for normal to dry skin, and the Astringent detox toner, recommended for combination to oily skin. Both include CellDetox technology, which provides exclusive benefits to your skin: healthier cells, so your skin is more vibrant and ready for the next stage, and a reduction of signs of fatigue caused by excess toxins, such as the yellowish appearance of the skin or loss of its natural radiance.

Why use toner?

Facial toners are cosmetic products that help to cleanse and counteract certain skin features, such as excessive sebum production. Their main functions include:

  • Completing cleansing by removing ingrained impurities that other products can't remove;
  • Maintaining the natural balance of the skin;
  • Invigorating and revitalising;
  • Preparing the skin for the next stage of your cosmetic care.

What's the best product for me?

The Hydrating detox toner is recommended for normal to dry skin and is formulated with vitamin E and plant based glycerin which soften the skin, protects it and optimises its hydration. While the Astringent detox toner is recommended for combination to oily skin. Its formula contains salicylic acid, which cleanses and unclogs pores, as well as other ingredients that limit sebum production throughout the day.

If I use a toner or facial cleansing foam, is there a risk of dry skin?

No, not if you use a product suited to your skin type. Remember: astringent products are for combination to oily skin and moisturising toners are for normal to dry skin.

How often should I use this product?

Use it morning and evening, every day, after cleansing your face with a product suited to your skin type :
- Gentle cleansing foam for all skin types
- Moisturising cleansing cream for normal to dry skin
- Deep cleansing gel for combination to oily skin

After applying the toner, allow your skin to dry before continuing with an anti-ageing or moisturising product. If you wear make-up, use Chronos Biphase make-up remover. Before you do anything else, allow its gentle formula to remove your foundation, lipstick and eye make-up, including waterproof make-up.

How do I apply toner correctly?

Starting from the centre and working outward to the sides of the face, apply the product in light circular motions, upward for the face and downward for the neck. Avoid the eye area.

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