How to take care of oily skin?


Oily skin tends to take on a shiny appearance during the day. Discover how to avoid this problem and combat oily skin.

Do you feel like your skin quickly regains a shiny appearance shortly after your morning cleansing? Does that bother you? The key to better control of oily skin is to establish a beauty routine and stick with it.


All skin needs to be well cleansed, but oily skin suffers more than others if you forget this step. Impurities clog pores, which can cause acne and overproduction of sebum. Furthermore, if your pores are too clogged, the treatments you apply afterwards won't be able to penetrate the epidermis. Choose a specific soap for this type of skin, with an appropriate texture and active ingredients. The texture of the Chronos Combination to Oily Skin Cleansing Gelis specially designed for combination and oily skin. This soap contains salicylic acid, which deeply cleanses the pores, and Cupuaçu betaine, a natural surfactant derived from Brazilian biodiversity that has the same effects as traditional cleansers but acts with the gentleness of natural ingredients. This works together to cleanse your skin deep down and control the production of sebum for 6 hours. You should cleanse your skin at least twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, but not excessively: by cleansing your face too much, you risk removing the protective layer of the epidermis, which may make it more sensitive or produce a boomerang effect (by increasing sebum production).


Applying a toner is a daily step that too many people forget because they are unaware of its benefits. It cleanses the epidermis, rebalances its pH, stimulates microcirculation and regulates the metabolism of your skin type. For oily skin, the ideal toner is astringent, which, in addition to the benefits mentioned, also cares for the skin, improves the appearance of pores, controls sebum production and combats oily skin. Chronos astringent toner is formulated with Cell Detox, an active ingredient that eliminates cellular toxins Your skin cells are healthier and more effectively absorb the active ingredients in skin care products such as salicylic acid, which cleanses and purifies pores, and other ingredients that reduce oil production throughout the day.


Believing that oily skin does not need hydration is a common mistake. Hydration and sebum production are two very different things. The first is essential to maintaining healthy skin and preventing premature ageing.
Choose products suited to this skin type, they have the right kind of texture, lighter and non-greasy, which avoids skin looking oily or shiny. Also, check that the product is labelled "non-comedogenic". This basically means that the product has been clinically tested and does not cause pimples and blackheads.
This type of cosmetics usually contains a specific active ingredient for oily skin that contributes to skin regeneration (e.g. alpha-hydroxy acids) or reduces sebum production (e.g. salicylic acid).


Oily skin is more likely to have spots due to localised inflammation caused by acne. This is why it is essential to apply sun protection every day, regardless of the season. Use an oily skin care product with a protection factor of no less than 30 and, as with moisturising care, choose a product adapted to your skin type, with a suitable texture and ingredients that limit shine throughout the day.
The Chronos mattifying day cream has a dry feel and is quickly absorbed. It is available with an SPF 30/UVA-PF 10 protection rating.


Oily skin needs help to get rid of impurities and dead cells that increase sebum production and prevent active ingredients from penetrating directly into the epidermis. Exfoliate your face no more than twice a week, otherwise you risk provoking the opposite effect. Chronos Microdermabrasion Exfoliator renews cells, homogenizes skin texture and also reduces fine lines.

Night time care

Before starting your evening skincare routine, make sure you remove all traces of make-up from your face. Chronos biphase make-up remover easily removes all types of make-up, including waterproof make-up. Once your skin has been cleansed and purified, it is ready to receive the anti-ageing night time product suited to your age.

Controlled acne

Acne is one of the main problems for people with oily skin. But, by following the oily skin care routine we have suggested, you will be able to control inflammation better. In addition to the wrong skin care, pimples and blackheads can also be caused by hormonal changes, stress and an incorrect diet (there is evidence that foods with a high glycemic index can disrupt hormonal functions).

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