Hydrating or astringent toner? Find out the difference between these two products and their advantages


Cleansing your skin is crucial to keeping it healthy. Discover the right product for your skin

Cleansing the skin on your face is a daily habit that helps remove any residue and make-up that could clog pores and create blemishes. Nevertheless, a cleanser doesn't remove all the impurities embedded deep in the epidermis. This is why it is vital to complete your skin cleansing routine by applying a toner that cleans deeper and more effectively. Each skin type has its ideal toner. Do you know which one suits your skin best?

To start with, all toners have the same goal: to remove any remaining traces of make-up and impurities from your skin to prepare your face for the next step: moisturising. They also remove the most ingrained impurities and residue from other products, rebalance the skin's pH, stimulate microcirculation and regulate the sebum specific to each skin type.

What's the difference between a moisturising toner and an astringent toner?

Astringent toner is designed specifically to meet the needs of combination to oily skin. Its formula contains salicylic acid, which cleanses and unclogs pores, as well as other ingredients that reduce sebum production throughout the day. Moisturising toner is designed specifically to meet the needs of normal to dry skin. Its formula contains Vitamin E and plant based glycerin which makes your skin softer, protects it and boosts its hydration.

Benefits of moisturising toner and astringent toner?

Still not convinced by the idea of including a facial toner in your beauty routine? Discover the benefits of each of these products.

  1. They complete the clean-up. A cleanser isn't always enough to remove all the impurities from the surface of your skin. The role of the toner is to complete the cleansing process and remove any residue left by the cleanser itself, which could clog pores.
  2. They balance the pH. The use of other cosmetic products and certain external factors, such as pollution, can affect the acidity of the skin. This can cause acne, inflammation and even accelerate premature skin ageing. Moisturising or astringent, toners balance the pH of your epidermis.
  3. They maximise the effects of other products.To benefit from the full effectiveness of the care products you apply, whether moisturising or anti-ageing, the skin must be prepared and ready: its pores must be unclogged and its pH balanced. This way, the next step will be much more effective!
  4. They take care of your skin.Most of these toners not only tone the skin, but also contain substances that benefit it. Chronos moisturising toner is rich in vitamin E, which has a powerful hydrating effect. Chronos astringent toner contains salicylic acid, which helps control sebum production.

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