Night time cosmetics, an essential step to combat ageing


Find out why it's so important to use night time cosmetics to fight the ageing process.

If you don't already do so, you should start applying a night time care product that works on your skin while you sleep. At night, the cells rest, organise their functions, repair and rebalance everyday damage that is also caused by external factors such as the effects of the sun, wind and pollution. According to Joana Miranda, head of Natura's facial care formulas, "It's at night that cells are at their most active, so it's the best time to treat the skin, and that's where night time cosmetics come into play. As well as replenishing natural moisture, they can also increase the production of collagen and elastin, form a firming layer on the surface of the skin, stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid, and even trigger a lifting effect in the deepest layers of the epidermis.

To reinforce the regeneration process, we suggest using the flagship Chronos skincare range, which provides complete solutions to maintain the beauty of Brazilian women's skin, including various night time cosmetics and masks. The anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle care products designed for night time use, for example, feature Cellular Detox technology which regenerates the epidermis by eliminating toxins from the cells and repairing the damage sustained throughout the day, for women of all ages.

In addition to anti-ageing skin care for every age group, the radiance serum is an excellent choice to reduce the size, quantity and intensity of blemishes on your skin and even out your complexion. It should always be applied in the evening, to clean, dry skin. While using these products, it is essential to use sun protection (minimum SPF 30) during the day.

over 30 years: Regeneration and energy

At this age, in addition to the appearance of the first wrinkles and fine expression lines, skin starts showing signs of fatigue. That's why the Chronos 30+ day cream is ideal. Its formula contains Jambu extract, an active ingredient derived from Brazilian biodiversity capable of relaxing the micro-tensions in the collagen and elastin fibres responsible for expression lines and wrinkles. It also contains polyphenols, ingredients recognized by scientists around the world as having strong antioxidant properties, which help encourage the regeneration of the epidermis.

over 45 years old: Firmness and radiance

From the age of 45 onwards, skin begins to lose its elasticity and tends to be drier and duller. Using Chronos 45+ day cream is important to fight this change. Its action works to restore firmness and radiance to your skin. The  Jatobá extract in its formula helps to increase collagen production and preserves the collagen already present, while the amino acids protect elastin fibres and repair micro-damage that encourages the appearance of wrinkles.

over 60: Volume and vitality

During this phase, wrinkles become more visible and the volume and suppleness of the epidermis tends to decrease. Chronos 60+ day cream helps to re-plump and revitalise the skin on your face, reducing wrinkles and providing deep down hydration. It contains extract of Casearia, a natural skin plumping agent that intensifies the production of hyaluronic acid by almost 25%, and improves cellular communication between the different layers of the epidermis, fortifying the tissues that support the skin.

over 70: Protection and revitalisation

In this age group, skin is thinner and more fragile. This is why the Anti-Ageing protecting and revitalising 70+ night time cream is the ideal skin care product. It regenerates and strengthens the skin's defence system and what's more, it restores a feeling of comfort by moisturising and nourishing it. It contains passiflora extract, which restores the skin's natural protective barrier, and biosaccharides that regulate cell functionality and increase skin thickness.

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