The right steps to cleanse your skin


Each skin type requires specific care during your daily cleansing.

To ensure effective cleansing, it is essential to know your skin type. This way, you will know which products and treatments are right for it. We have hand picked out some handy hints for all your daily skin care routines and others specific to each skin type.

For all skin types

Removing make-up
If you wear make-up, the first step to healthy skin is to always remove all traces of make-up before going to bed. In fact, the cosmetics accumulated on your face prevent your skin from breathing, which encourages the appearance of pimples and blackheads. Chronos biphase make-up remover contains emollient and hydrating ingredients that lock in moisture and create an emulsion that allows gentle cleansing and easy make-up removal, including waterproof products, without irritating your skin. Both practical and effective.
Opt for cool water for facial cleansing; hot water dries the skin and stimulates sebaceous gland production. Recommended for all skin types, Chronos Cleansing Foam is enriched with Cupuaçu betaine, and its refreshing, creamy foam cleanses gently.
Exfoliate regularly
Contrary to what many people think, exfoliating your skin is a good idea for all skin types. Exfoliation removes dead cells while reducing the appearance of expression lines and stimulating the production of new cells, you should incorporate it into your routine once or twice a week. A good tip: use Chronis microdermabrasion exfoliating scrub it evens out skin texture and softens expression lines thanks to the bamboo micro-particles and glycolic acid that it contains. Silky skin and radiance guaranteed.
After completing your daily cleansing as outlined above, now it's time to take the process up a gear by applying cosmetics that are specific to your skin type.

Caring for normal to dry skin

Toner is used to balance the skin's pH so that it reacts more effectively to products applied afterwards, this is generally a moisturiser or an anti-ageing treatment, which we call anti-signs of ageing at Natura, because age is beautiful, whatever number it may be. For normal to dry skin, the key word is hydration.

To keep skin toned, well protected and silky smooth, Chronos hydrating toner is an excellent choice; it removes toxins and residue from dead cells while soothing and moisturising the epidermis for at least 12 hours.

Caring for combination to oily skin

For these skin types, limiting sebum production is a real challenge. Thanks to the salicylic acid it contains, Chronos astringent toner cleanses and unclogs pores, reducing sebum production and eliminating cellular toxins. Chronos Cleansing Gel cleanses the skin deep down and controls sebum production for at least six hours thanks to the Cupuaçu betaine it contains.
After cleansing your face according to your skin type, the care product applied will be much more effective. The effectiveness of an anti-wrinkle or moisturising treatment will be more or less effective, depending on the cleanser used.

How do you look after each skin type?

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