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The right way to take care of your armpits


Your underarms need daily moisturising and protection to avoid dark spots and irritation.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable with the way your armpits look? As it's a hot, humid area prone to rubbing, it is also prone to infections, inflammations, allergies and even blemishes.
According to dermatologist Flávia Ravelli, as well as skin turning brown, red or scaly, the appearance of symptoms such as burning or itching is a warning sign. Which is why, like the rest of your body, your armpits need special care every day.

Care routines

In addition to proper daily hygiene to avoid the growth of bacteria and unpleasant odours developing, Flávia recommends moisturising the skin in this area twice a day. In the morning, use a moisturiser followed by a deodorant or opt for an anti-perspirant rich in moisturising compounds. In the evening, moisturise again and then use a brightening product to reduce the darker appearance of the skin in this area.
In addition, it's a good idea to exfoliate the area once a week to remove dead cells that have accumulated.

What to avoid

To prevent discomfort, avoid products that contain acids in their formula. These substances can cause a burning sensation and build up on the skin, causing irritation.
Also be careful with hair removal. Whether using a razor, wax or tweezers, hair removal can attack the skin, which reacts by producing more melanin, a protein naturally synthesised by the body and responsible for pigmentation. The result: Darker areas appear. Depilation also encourages the development of bacteria that can cause boils. But it's not the only thing responsible for changes in skin colour. "Hormonal changes and changes in your glycemic index can also cause darkening of the areas of your body where your skin creases naturally" explains Flávia. So you should always seek medical advice.

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