5 tips to take care of your skin before and after a sports session


Cleansing and moisturising the skin are two essential steps in a perfect beauty routine.

Playing sport is a healthy habit, it relaxes the body and creates a feeling of well-being. But how do you take good care of your skin after exercising? The secret is to think about your skin before and after training. Your epidermis is affected by perspiration during exercise, sweat can damage the skin's tissues and cause irritation and even acne. Here are a few simple steps to incorporate into your daily care routine before and after a workout:

1. Keep your skin clean

Before you start, make sure that your skin is completely clear of all traces of make-up, because if your pores are blocked, sweat won't be able to escape naturally, which can lead to irritation and inflammation of spots and blackheads. If you exercise in the morning, simply wash your face thoroughly with a suitable cleanser; in the evening, you might need to cleanse the skin thoroughly, including using a toner.

2. Choose clothes that make sweating easier

Avoid trousers and T-shirts that are too close fitting and fabrics that trap moisture, they will prevent your skin from breathing properly. After physical activity, the best thing you can do is remove the clothes you've sweated in as soon as possible: keeping them on too long stops your skin from being able to breathe and constricts the pores.

3. Drink plenty of water

Perspiration is a very important natural reaction of our body during physical exercise, but it also involves losing water. This dehydration of the body can harm our skin as well by leaving it unprotected and therefore even more likely to dry out. So it's not just your skin, but also your body as a whole that needs careful attention paying to its hydration level.

4. Take a quick shower

If you sweat a lot during exercise, we advise you take a quick shower in warm water with a moisturising shower gel right afterwards, especially if you have commitments afterwards and so no time to use other products. This makes sure your body is clean and moisturised without wasting any time!

5. Make moisturising a must

Remember to moisturise your face and body after your post-workout shower. Apply a moisturiser while your skin is still wet using circular motions starting from the neck and working your way down to your feet. Once you've cleansed and toned your face, move on to the moisturiser. As you sweat, the perspiration not only helps to remove impurities, but it also removes some of the skin's natural moisture, which you then have to replenish.

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