Valentines' Day
In each gift,
a world of affection

Valentines' Day Natura
In each gift, a world of affection

In this period when social and romantic relationships are changing

One constant remains: LOVE, romantic love, friends love, family love. 

In all its forms, this love is a gift.

A gift of affection that surrounds our relationships, marks our history and spreads ever further.

Let's make this love and affection resonate louder this Valentine's Day.

In this way, a small gesture becomes a huge one. For the tenderness we send out around us comes back to us. This is how love begets love and creates beauty in the world.

For a romantic woman


Dreamy, sensitive, romantic... she will probably like floral fragrances with fruity and sweet touches, whether they are light or more marked. Ilia fragrances combining white flowers, musk and vanilla should appeal to her. If you prefer to play it safe, opt for a trio of Ekos hand creams, which will pamper her hands during this harsh winter season.

For an attractive woman

She is naturally sensual, knows her power of attraction and likes to explore it? She will love bold fragrances with a touch of sensuality, like Essencial Exclusivo for women, a resolutely feminine floral fragrance that combines a beautiful touch of fresh fruity notes with a soft, sensual woody base, or Kaiak Oceano for women, an aquatic floral fragrance with an amber and woody base that pays tribute to the mystery of the ocean depths.

For an elegant woman

Her elegance makes her oscillate between refinement and mystery? She will be adept at sophisticated and singular notes such as the Ekos Alma perfume. This exceptional perfume combines floral, green and spicy notes while using exceptional ingredients from the Amazonian forest, such as the precious Priprioca oil, aged for 12 months using a traditional process.

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For an extrovert woman

Smiling, sociable and warm: her fragrance should be as sparkling as her personality. Choose Frescor Açaí, which will express all her energy with its fruity and fresh notes, or opt for the tangy freshness of Frescor Maracujá!


For an elegant man


He is the master of his life and his choices, and you can see this in his refinement? He deserves only the finest materials such as cedar and patchouli, two woods that form the basis of Homem fragrances. A collection that will perfectly celebrate the beauty of his individuality.

For a sporty man

Powerful and dynamic, this modern man is always taking on new challenges. He lives his life at a thousand miles an hour, always on the move. He will undoubtedly appreciate subtle agreements between woody base notes and fresh notes, like those he will find in the Kaiak collection. Perfumes that will perfectly match his dynamic personality and his assertive character.

For a sophisticated man

His style reflects his unique personality, nothing is left to chance for this sophisticated man: his fragrance must therefore be just as singular. The perfect match: Essencial Exclusivo for Men, where the combination of Copaiba, a wood from the Brazilian biodiversity, and fresh and spicy notes of cardamom and pepper will reveal his singularity.

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