a year of great achievements for the US Marketing team <3<3

The Alchemist
When our friends and family ask about why Natura does not have an advent calendar, our answer for the first time is: here it is!
You again glue the team together and turned an idea into this beautiful reality.
You are the alchemist of the Beauty calendar project and so many more.
The devil wears Ilía
Newsbeauty readers now know that they can buy Natura products in the US, Glamour readers are pampering their loved ones and themselves with Natura gift sets.
You have not only brought Natura social media accounts to a new level, but also acquainted more people with Natura among other famous cosmetics brands in prestigious media.
The photographer’s eye
Just like how your FAQ Friday has inspired us to build our Saturday giveaways in France, we look at the assets with our eyes but through your artistic lens.
In the same way, you make our products shine brighter in the eyes of each client.
The summer breeze
You are the new member of Natura family.
The joint Instagram live on the beauty calendar is a debut, the fresh air you bring will keep revitalizing the social approach.