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Mothers always have a special way of caring for others, and they continue to outshine themselves. Especially in recent days, mothers have shown their ability to care even in difficult times. Natura invites you to share the love you have received.
Create beauty in her world by writing a loving message, giving her a hug or choosing a beauty gift to show how much you care.
Because we believe that when you care, you create beauty.


 Soins du corps

Des rituels de soins hydratants et nourrissants pour chouchouter sa peau qui feront plaisir à toutes les mamans !

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Ilía est une collection de fragrances élégantes aux notes florales, idéales pour les femmes sophistiquées et féminines.

Mother's day gift guide

Care for mothers who live in the Amazon forest.

The Amazonian mothers deserve all the care
When you choose Natura you help strengthen the mothers who dedicate their lives to protecting and regenerating the Amazon, while also caring for their families. Mothers whose work is essential to keep the forest alive and increase the income of guardian communities. Working together with them, we combine the power of biocosmetic technology and traditional knowledge, which goes from grandmother to mother, and mother to daughter over the years, to create beauty products that really care. As the Amazonian mothers, taking care of people and the planet.

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